At-Home Minimal Shoulder and Arm Workout

We continue our at-home minimal workouts with a shoulder and arm day. The chest and back workout was simple and to the point. The trick is to not overthink any of this. If you’re training at home temporarily with the thought of getting back to the gym in a few weeks then these workouts will get you through. They may even shock your body a bit into new strength and growth. You never know really.

Here we’ll be tackling shoulders and arms with very minimal equipment. Mainly stuff you can find around the house and possibly some bands. So let’s get to it!

At-Home Shoulder and Arm Workout

Pike press

Place your feet on the ground and plant your hands in front of you with your hips in the air forming a 90 degree angle. Lower your head toward the ground and then press up. It’s like an upside down bodyweight shoulder press.

Make it harder: Place your feet on an elevation or chair for more angled resistance.


Banded side and rear lateral raises

Perform both of these as if you were training with a pair of dumbbells. Perform the raises slowly and under control.

Make it harder: This one’s easy. Just superset these two moves back to back.


Diamond push up

Keep your hands shoulder width apart. Any closer and you risk putting undue stress on your wrists.

Make it harder: Place your feet on a chair to increase the resistance on your triceps.


Rack triceps press

Set a bar (strong steel broom handle) at about hip height. Place an overhand grip on the bar and step back until your body is straight (sort of a push up position). Bend your elbows and lower your forehead to the bar. Press back up.

Make it harder: The more you lower the bar the harder it gets.


Rack curls

Sit under a hip height bar with an underhand grip as if you were about to perform inverted rows. Curl your body up to the bar toward your forehead.

Make it harder: You guessed it. The more you lower the bar the harder it gets.


Reverse-grip chins

Take a reverse grip on an overhead bar. As you pull up, try to curl with your arms as you round your back. Try to put the most stress on your biceps.

Make it harder: Choose a number and perform as many sets as it takes to achieve that number.


Give a few of these a try and let me know how you do in the comments below.

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