Intense Home Leg Training for Muscle (No Equipment)

I, like so many others out there, have been experimenting with at-home bodyweight training. And, like so many, I have little-to-nothing to use regarding real training equipment. I have a pack of bands, but that's about it. I've relied on common household stuff to piecemeal my training. Now I'm a bit of a meathead. I … Continue reading Intense Home Leg Training for Muscle (No Equipment)

At-Home Minimal Leg Workout

Let's wrap up this at-home series with a challenging lower body workout. If you're like me (40-plus) you've taken to a few machines for an effective leg workout. Over the years of heavy squats and leg presses taking their toll, however, I've resorted to smarter training. I do think a little at-home training can expose … Continue reading At-Home Minimal Leg Workout

At-Home Minimal Shoulder and Arm Workout

We continue our at-home minimal workouts with a shoulder and arm day. The chest and back workout was simple and to the point. The trick is to not overthink any of this. If you're training at home temporarily with the thought of getting back to the gym in a few weeks then these workouts will … Continue reading At-Home Minimal Shoulder and Arm Workout

At-Home Minimal Chest and Back Workout

Little-to-no equipment? Sometimes I find myself in the same situation. Whether it's trying to get through a disaster or deployed with the military I've always tried my best to make something from virtually nothing. Below is a super simple, minimal equipment, at-home chest and back workout. It uses some household equipment I bet you have … Continue reading At-Home Minimal Chest and Back Workout