Everything is Reps

If you think in simple terms, everything in life is reps. If you want to get better at anything you have to put in the time, the practice, and repeat. You don’t learn a new skill once and then you’re good. You need to put in the work. The reps. The repeated practice to ingrain said skill into your brain.

It doesn’t matter the task. Studying, training, learning a new skill like playing an instrument or developing a technique in sports – whatever it may be. You need reps. The habit of repeated practice.

But, reps may not be enough. Ask yourself: am I practicing correctly? In other words, practice may not make perfect if you’re practicing wrong.

Perfect practice has a better chance of being perfect.

But the fact still remains that reps need to be in the picture. If your goal is to build muscle and get stronger then you’ll need to commit to X amount of days in the gym, with X amount of sets each workout, and X amount of reps each set. You’ll also need to put in the effort, regulate intensity, pay close attention to nutrition and recovery, get regular adequate sleep, and maintain stress.

One great, monumental, balls-to-the-wall workout won’t cut it. Chalk it up as one of many. You’re better off racking up a long string of good workouts than having just one awesome day every now and then.

The accumulation of your long term work is more important than one great day or one great workout.

Will it be boring at times? Yes

Will it get to be a downright slog at times? Sure.

Will you question your methods when progress stalls? Absolutely!


Keep Going!

No matter what keep performing reps. Keep showing up each day and do the work. Push through and keep going.

There will be plenty of days you’ll want to overhaul your approach, you’ll question the plan, or just want to quit altogether.

Don’t allow yourself the pleasure.

Be the grownup. Be your own drill sergeant. Be the leader of you. Press on and take charge of your outcome. Get back to work and back to the reps. Practicing daily habits, getting a little better every day, and ultimately getting closer to your goal, even if it’s only by a fraction. It’s still closer than you were yesterday.

Head down.



Get after it!

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