The Overnight Transformation of Fitness

I was a typical skinny kid who naturally wanted to build muscle and get stronger. At 14 I started with a basic iron barbell and dumbbell set in my backyard. I used my father's homemade freestanding picnic table bench to perform numerous exercises from Arnold's The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. Armed with just those few … Continue reading The Overnight Transformation of Fitness

The Moment I Knew I Had Written Enough

Burned out was an understatement. I had been writing for several websites in the health and fitness world along with a few magazines (remember those?). I was consistently churning out around 15 to 20 articles per month. it felt as though word count requirements kept creeping up, they wanted more cited sources, and an increasing … Continue reading The Moment I Knew I Had Written Enough

The Site Direction and What’s New

It's been a while since I posted anything. To spare you one of my personally most hated words (busy), I have been focusing my attention elsewhere lately. Specifically on writing fitness/bodybuilding articles and YouTube scripts for several sites. Still, no excuse. Recently, however, I've combined both of my sites into this one. has now … Continue reading The Site Direction and What’s New

No Tech Old School Training Tactics

I wrote a new op-ed on Fitness Volt talking about the advantages of the old school mentality without the technological gadgetry that purveys our lives. Check out the article here: Get Back to Old School Training Without the Tech In it I list out several ways to boost your training results, nutrition, and motivation without … Continue reading No Tech Old School Training Tactics

The Lost Art of Deep Work in the Gym

I guarantee that I can take most individuals who are on a quest for more muscle and a leaner physique and multiply their progress several times over within several weeks. I don't like the word guarantee very much and avoid mentioning this overused term, but this is a time I can confidently expouse that infamous … Continue reading The Lost Art of Deep Work in the Gym