Are Trendy Extreme Diets Worth It?

Every few months or so it seems there are brand new trendy diets circulating the atmosphere. They also all include an essential marketing component: extreme ideology. That is they contain some form of singular-minded solution to all your fat-loss dieting needs. Whether that's eliminating a laundry list of foods or focusing on just one food … Continue reading Are Trendy Extreme Diets Worth It?

My Favorite Supplements for More Lean Muscle

As someone who isn't into supplements all that much (I prefer real food any day) some really do help me with recovery and performance. These are my favorite supplements for more lean muscle, energy, and overall recovery. Since I still love to go to the gym and get in some intense sessions I know that … Continue reading My Favorite Supplements for More Lean Muscle

3 of My Best Pre-Workout Muscle Meals

Let's get one thing straight: these pre-workout meal suggestions have nothing to do with pre-workout drinks. You know, those chemical experiments in a can? Who really knows what's in them other than some underground, unregulated shady manufacturer bent on profit only. But that's a whole other post. These are tried and true pre-workout meals that … Continue reading 3 of My Best Pre-Workout Muscle Meals

Favorite, Go-To, Quick, High-Protein Breakfast

I'm probably like most people in that I love breakfast. I wake up hungry and can't wait to eat. With that said I've experimented with many iterations of a healthy, quick, high-protein breakfast meal in the morning. From getting up extra early and cooking eggs to prepping the night before with little success It's been … Continue reading Favorite, Go-To, Quick, High-Protein Breakfast