My Current Training Split

I’ve experimented with a lot of splits over the, ahem, decades. I’ve always gone back to just about three that have given me the greatest results. Plus, as a forty-something I have to pay a little more attention to recovery.

Currently, I’m back on an old, reliable standby. I call it my golden era split since many bodybuilders from the 70’s used it. It’s not a “bro split” or anything, but it does split things up just enough for recovery and engagement.

Okay, enough talk. Here you go.

Day 1: Chest, back

Day 2: Shoulders, triceps, biceps

Day 3: Calves, quads, hams

That’s it. Pretty simple. I’m able to train everything over three days and when life gets in the way and I miss a few days it’s easy to make up the time.

I’ll do either three days in a row and then take a day off or train five days per week and just rotate the workouts whichever days they may fall.


What’s your favorite split?

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2 thoughts on “My Current Training Split

  1. Hey Brad, I’m doing this 3 day split right now but need some more understanding on how to approach them.

    I’m finding it difficult to continue to apply progressive overload every 4 days. Like the Shoulders/Arms workout, Looks like your doing 4 sets of everything, that’s almost 30 sets in one workout, then to do it again in 4 days… Its becoming hard to give my all to each workout, which is why I’m wondering why you choose this split. Sounds like you really enjoy it.

    I’ve been on it for almost 2 months now, so I’m trying to stick with it but not sure how to approach them correctly.



    1. Hi Nick. I feel ya. At this moment I’m pretty adapted to the workload so for me it’s pretty normal. For others, especially the ones new to this type of training, it can be a bit overwhelming, initially.

      Let’s try something super simple. Just take away one set per exercise. That should bring you down in overall volume a bit and give you enough time to recover before hitting it again.

      Try it out and see what happens.


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