What Should I Do with My Fitness Blog?

Other than this blog I have another I’ve toyed with over the years. Back when blogging was huge my fitness blog easily found traction. Now I find myself wondering what to do with it, if anything at all.

I need your help.

The sage blogging advice always goes something like this: Find your niche and they will come. Yes, I am aware there is much more to it than that, but if I were forced into summarizing it in one sentence that would do the trick.

Way back in the early 2000s I did just that. I was fresh into the internet at the time and Youtube fitness wasn’t really a common thing quite yet. Fitness blogs took off and I was right there with it all.

Over the years I’ve used it for original content, syndicating my freelance work, and being a refuge for those who needed answers to their fitness and nutrition-related questions.

Then, social media swept in and changed the landscape for what seemed like forever. Soon blogs became archaic, unread, and, in an unfair way, embarrassing. “Good luck with your little blog!”

Caught in the vortex

If you’re familiar with Star Trek at all you’ll notice a theme. The crew almost always find themselves caught in some sort of vortex; an organic cloud of confusion rendering their ship defenseless.

That is where I am.

Now I find myself agonizing over what to do with my blog. It’s transformed into many iterations since it first started. It was a true blog at first evolving into a business site (not a very good one), to a writer’s site/profile, back to a blog, and now…?


Lately I’ve read a lot about the return of blogs and how newsletters have also made a comeback. More people aren’t relying on social media as much for updates on their favorite sites. It’s kind of like we are in the middle of a shift in internet consumption.

When it comes to new blogging practices, the rules have changed a bit, too. So many have static landing pages usually selling something or offering a free gift opt-in sign-up. The traditional blog has given way to marketing sites with a blog component.

So there is a bit of a comeback happening, but it’s looking quite different than the good ole days.

Not another fitness site

At risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, there is a ton of content out there and I really don’t want to add to the noise. There is some good stuff out there, really there is, but I’ve always had a hard time bringing out what makes me unique. I always took a business take on my niche; I looked at what others were doing, and tried to mimic their success.

It didn’t really work.

Then I stumbled across an old email from a friend I did a little freelance work for (I had printed it out on paper, yes, paper!). He detailed out what made me unique, my personal experiences and knowledge and how it could help others. It was definitely an ego boost and it did put things into proper perspective.

The outcome was this blog your reading now. Brad Journals allows me to write about whatever I want without being pigeon-holed into the fitness niche. So, that’s a good thing. But my problem still persists.

Identity crisis

Regarding fitness I’ve always tried to stick out from the crowd. I’ve tried to cater to the over 40 group, giving them sound, practical advice they can realistically put into action. None of this gym-bro stuff, or using the accompanied annoying vernacular like shredded, gainz, and swoldier. My audience wanted/needed realistic advice to get them to where they wanted to go.

Now I find I’m facing an identity crisis with my blog. Since few actually read fitness advice anymore (and when they do, they skim) and crave more video (I’ve never been good at that) I have a choice to make.

Do I keep it as is?

Do I delete it?

Do I transform it into more of a profile site selling my book(s)?

Do I turn it into a one-page static site updating only through email newsletter?

Or maybe something I’ve never seen before?

I need your help

The blogging community is a wonderful colorful, eclectic, and creative group. Much more than any social media site, blogging allows full reign over your unique signature on the internet. It represents freedom, expression, and a non-curated, non-algorithmic view of interests, causes, and personal stories.

I need your help. Check out my blog here. Look it over, be critical, and let me know in the comments below. I hope to get your wisdom and constructive suggestions.

Thanks for your time!


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