I Didn’t Know I Needed a Dog

“I didn’t know I needed a dog.”

Those were the exact words out of my father-in-law’s mouth. And I can honestly say that, too.

I could have easily titled this post “The Wellness of a Dog” since they provide so much more than just licks and companionship. We got him about a year ago and we are so happy to add him to the family. He’s been especially great during the quarantine since he’s always here for support, attention, and love.

They provide an overall sense of wellness and mental health. It’s no wonder they’re the most popular therapy pets, are used in hospitals for recovery and morale, and bond with there handlers when working for rescue teams and law enforcement.

What is it about a dog that makes them not just a pet? Why is it that they make the world more tolerable? How do they make us forget about our petty nuances and “problems” and just “be?”

This is all new to me since I never grew up with a pet of any sort. Sure, I had a hamster (who didn’t?), but nothing like a real additional family member. Nothing like a little dude by my side, watching my every move like my biggest fan. I’m happy we have him.

Our little pup, Theodore “Teddy” Bear is a goldendoodle. My in-laws have his mama and aunt. What did we all do before them?

I don’t know and don’t care to know either. I’m just happy he’s here.

I say the same thing about my son, too. More spending and responsibility come with the territory and you’d think, at least logically, that it would add more stress, but they only add more to life.

I think the pic below sums up things.

What about you? Has a dog changed your life?

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