2 Timeless Principles to Apply to Life

There are two important principles that seem to keep popping there heads up when it comes to intentionally moving forward in life: resiliency and creativity. These two timeless principles to apply to life are cornerstones to many forms of success. They are universal as well as cut out all the “hacks” and other shortcut B.S. out there.

When I look back on all of my hardships I’ve had to apply heavy doses of resilience and, oftentimes, creativity to help circumvent roadblocks and setbacks. There’s no way around challenges sometimes – only through them.

For example, when I was going through chemotherapy I had to endure an additional four rounds of treatment outside of my established plan. My doctor wanted to give me some “insurance” so as to reduce the chances of a relapse later in life. I had to quickly restock my capacity for resilience while I was already sick, tired, and exhausted from the previous eight months of chemo.

I also had to become creative in a way to help navigate this unexpected stress and amount of sickness and rethink my exit plan (life after treatment) to visualize an updated future. To move forward in life my work was cut out for me.


Applying These 2 Principles

Here are a few tips on how to apply these principles to your own unique situation for moving forward in life.



A comforting, but loaded phrase to me has always been, “endure.” It’s of course loaded because that single word speaks volumes. It signifies a potential truck-sized amount of work ahead. But it’s also comforting because it symbolizes an answer. Sometimes we don’t need shortcuts or hacks. What we do need is just a simple answer. An answer that tells us that there’s a way to where we want or need to go.

Spending endless, senseless energy on getting around things, finding quicker ways, or searching for some kind of trick can be a waste of time. Sometimes we just need to endure. We need to keep going despite the stress and seemingly overbearing amount of work ahead.



In Cal Newport’s book So Good They Can’t Ignore You he states that the world demands us to possess skills that are unique and rare. I believe that creativity plays a huge role here.

It’s not enough to achieve status quo. It’s also not enough to do a good job. When you do a good job within the boundaries set for you it’s just a good job. It’s like getting a “B” in school. Not above and beyond, just good. Creativity is required to bring something unique to the table. Outside of the normal way of doing things.

Look at things from different perspectives, get out of your familiar physical setting and look at your challenges, and ask other’s opinions. You’ll be surprised with a little creativity and a lot of action what you can come up with.


Your Fitness Journey

Take these two principles to heart and apply them to anything you’re challenged with. They are especially applicable to fitness. Getting up early in the morning to check off your workout takes a lot of effort and a capacity to endure. Preparing all your meals for the week and packing for work takes real creativity. These principles are like muscles. Train them every day and you’ll only get stronger.

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