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Bigger Legs and 5 Changes to Make After 40

Here are a few articles I’ve written for Fitness Volt lately. In them I go over how to really train after 40, bigger legs after 40, and 5 changes you can make right now for better results. Check them out below. Over 40 Training Always wonder if you need to change things up after a […]

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The Best Body Part Split for You: A Reader’s Question

I get some great questions about training, nutrition, recovery, and motivation from readers. Many of these questions are common among you so I’d like to answer some right here for all to benefit from. Here is an email I received from Nick. He has a few concerns about training splits. Hey Brad, This is a […]

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New Split New Muscle Gains

I’ve been on my current training program for some time now. As one of the three programs I absolutely love to do and produces an appreciable amount of gains in muscle mass and strength, I think it’s time for a change. Has the current routine stopped working? Not necessarily. It’s just a number of factors […]