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My 3 Favorite Go-To Training Splits

Over my (too many) years of training I’ve tried many training splits. Since I grew up watching Pumping Iron and reading Arnold’s books along with being a huge fan of the “Golden Era” of bodybuilding I’ve always been a fan of more frequent training. I tried the one-bodypart-per-day thing, but it never really “took.”

I remember trying it one week and couldn’t understand why anyone would train chest on Monday, for example, and then have to wait an entire seven days to train it again. I was always ready to go just a few days later. Of course, I dove into heavy duty training, high volume among others, but that’s another post for another day.

I like training with some sort of higher frequency so through years of experimenting I’ve always come back to three main splits. Whether it’s coming back from and layoff, something going on with health, or life just getting in the way, I can say with confidence that these three have been tested with great success. Below I’ll list them out and describe the when and why behind each.