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How to Design a Simple, Effective Diet Plan

Most will admit that in order to design a simple diet plan the words lost, confused, and don’t know where to start come to mind. Many will claim they haven’t a clue and either initiate a long and tired search for the “secret” or they leave it to a hired professional, which can still be a gamble at times.

I truly believe we have the knowledge already. It’s 2019, not 1919. We have all the answers in that little computer in your pocket. I think the confusion and frustration set in when we try to make sense of it all. There’s a lot of information out there – too much. We just need a small dose of organization and a heavy load of common sense.

What I have here isn’t some brand new way of thinking (although it may seem new in the current sea of “gurus” touting too-good-to-be-true diets) it’s a simple reminder of how you can implement healthy eating habits in your daily life.