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3 Things to Lockdown Before Buying More Supplements

The following is a guest post from Michael Gregory. More about Michael below.

Supplements reign supreme in our current age of quick fixes and “overnight successes.” I’m going to tell you 3 very obvious things when it comes to your journey to a better body before buying more supplements. I’m betting that you’ll shake your head yes the entire time you’re reading. At the end of the article you may still mold whatever I say to fit your current internal dialogue, but I implore you instead to use it as an opportunity to take inventory of where you may be deficient.

I doubly implore you to implement a positive relationship between these statements and your supplement budget. Buying more supplements is rarely the answer. Meaning the more adherent you are to these principles, the more you may (or may not) spend on supplements. Otherwise you could be spending your time and hard-earned money on the wrong things.