7 Things No One Tells You About Building Muscle After 40

Building muscle after 40 isn’t impossible. Everyone from professional athletes, weekend warriors, and even bodybuilders are experiencing success and longevity well into their forties. Muscle is muscle no matter how old you are and if your training is dialed in, your diet is on point, and you’re taking the proper steps for rest and recovery, … Continue reading 7 Things No One Tells You About Building Muscle After 40

My Current Diet (Full Eating Plan)

I'm never one to give anyone a completely overhauled diet plan, especially when I barely know their habits, likes, or dislikes. Lifestyle can dictate a ton when it comes to fitness, health, building muscle, losing fat, and any other life-improving action. I like to instead look at what someone is doing and give suggestions. Here, … Continue reading My Current Diet (Full Eating Plan)

My Current Complete Workout (Full Program)

I've received several messages from those who wanted to see my current workout in full. Thanks for the messages and here you go. First a couple of points to be made: I train around five or six days per week. I usually go with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.Each workout is an hour or … Continue reading My Current Complete Workout (Full Program)

High-Rep Shoulders and Arms for a Day

If you've read over my last entry for the shoulder and arm workout you'll notice a few things that could potentially become problematic over time for us forty and up types. Namely the barbell lying extensions (nose breakers, skull crushers) and the lower rep shoulder stuff. My elbows tend to get a little tender with … Continue reading High-Rep Shoulders and Arms for a Day

My Current Leg Training Routine: Sore for Days

I'm a tall guy (6' 2") so squats have always been a challenge for me. And that also means effective leg training in general has been challenging all my lifting life. It took many years to get to the point where squats actually helped instead of hurt me (lower back, knees, hips). And on top … Continue reading My Current Leg Training Routine: Sore for Days