Being Authentic in a Marketed World

I’ve failed at so many attempts to making money online. Just saying those last three words made me squirm a little. Selling and marketing are necessary evils when it comes to achieving such success and this is my short version of why I’m okay with failing.

As I’ve stated here on this blog before, I have another blog that focuses mostly on health, fitness, and any other subtopics that fit into those terms. I like to write my training programs, splits, and motivational pieces. I’ve had it for a while now and have evolved it for better and for worse over the years. I also try to communicate with my audience and answer anyone’s questions.

**This isn’t an attempt to drive traffic toward that blog. It’s just a great example of the point I’m trying to make.**


Now, it goes without saying that I’ve tried to monetize it off and on over the years. More recently I’ve tried to offer online training with little success.

Okay, with no success.

I checked all the boxes. I did my best at sales copy, offered tiered packages and price points, and advertised on all the appropriate socials. I didn’t invest in any official funnels or anything, but thought I had enough credentials to get at least some business.

I was on my way.

My “problem”

The problem I encountered was of integrity. You see, all of the fancy language I mentioned above (all that market-y type lingo) makes me a bit sick to my stomach. Not because of all the ridiculous corporate speak, but because it was getting me further away from who I really was.

My “problem” was that the further I dug into marketing and advertising the more I didn’t enjoy it and the more it ripped me away from authenticity.

Things like click funnels, gateways, free offers, tiered pricing, minimal viable products, lead magnets, and all that other crap didn’t sit well with me. It all made me feel like a used car salesman. As if I were selling snake oil even though I felt like my motivation was to genuinely help others (and get paid a little along the way).


An eye opener for me was the more I learned about how online selling really works, the more I saw it around me. I scoured my email newsletters and other things I followed and found slick marketing tactics being fed to me.

I must digress for a moment and mention that not all internet marketing is from charlatans. There are some really legit people out there who know their stuff in every field. They just drink the kool-aid when they need to sell.

I’ve felt a tremendous struggle between being who I really was and at least sipping the kool-aid a little in order to make any money at all.

The gut

I had to do something I’m really not all that good at: listen to my gut. If I was uneasy about trying to sell my products or services while practicing basic internet marketing then I’d have to make a real decision.

I would listen to my gut. If I were to ever offer my services to anyone I’ve decided not to go down the cheesy, cringe-worthy road to selling on the internet. I would remain authentic and genuine to others — and to tell you the truth, offer a lot of things free of charge.

I know what some will say: Well, good luck making any money.

Maybe I won’t make any money at all. Maybe my role is to help others at no charge, no funnels, no click-bait headlines or limited time offers. Just real life help.

It may be going against the grain, but I like to be as transparent and authentic as possible. That way I’ll create real relationships and truly help those who need it.


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