What I’ll Miss About Quarantine

I found some silver linings in the quarantine, which I’ll miss. Do you have any similar or to add?

  • The feeling as if we were all on an even playing field.
  • No worries about deadlines.
  • Real time with family – not carved-out time.
  • Walks in the neighborhood seeing more of my neighbors.
  • The option for peace. No noise, my choice to “turn off.”
  • The time and space to clean out digital clutter.
  • More time for handmade projects.
  • Exploring nearby state parks I never knew existed.
  • Watching The Office.
  • Seeing my son catch fish.
  • Kayaking.
  • Helping my wife with her special projects for work (like getting her coffee).
  • Prioritizing and a better understanding of the real significance of my day-to-day.
  • Being separated from work and beginning the journey of where I’m going.
  • Giving my dog more belly rubs.
  • Realizing that the quarantine had a silver lining.


What do/will you miss?

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