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4 Things to Consider for Better Workout Results

Struggling to get a better workout and ultimately physique progress? You may have your priorities backwards. I see so many gym-goers start with the very few things that need to be at the end of their lists.

One day I overheard a guy at the gym who was telling his buddy his grand plan for an ultimate transformation. He started by saying he had just ordered around $300 worth of supplements and was excited for the shipment to finally get in. Once he had all of his “potions and powders” he would then be ready to finally get started.

Now, I must also mention he wasn’t eating all that great, didn’t make sleep a priority, and wasn’t even training in the very gym he was standing in. I knew this from past conversations.

It’s no surprise that he never made the progress he’d wished while spending all that money.

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How to Design a Simple Workout Program

Your workout program doesn’t have to be some exclusive, hard to devise quantum equation. But on the other end of the spectrum it’s shouldn’t be a random concoction of exercises thrown together either. There should be some rhyme to reason. The human body moves in a few different planes of motion. Couple those planes with direct real-world application and you have a great start.