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Your Training Should Be Generic (Not Complicated)

What does it take to get a college degree? How do you improve your distance while running? How can you gain more muscle or lose body fat?

The answers to these questions aren’t all that complicated. Concepts such as putting in the hours, having focus, and possessing discipline, consistency, and a hard-work ethic are just a few that come to mind when wanting to accomplish most things. These attributes are universal tools that can be applied to what we want to get out of ourselves. Even when you talk to those who’ve accomplished so much in life will mention how they just put in the work, day after day, week after week, and month after month.

Do you notice what’s not on that list? The minutiae, the tiny details, and nitpicking that we ironically seek out so badly. Rarely do you hear a story about sweating the small stuff. They aren’t obsessed with the small, unimportant things that really don’t have much bearing in the big picture of success.