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How Do You Learn About Fitness?

The word fitness is both a simple and highly technical concept. I’m not about to get into an in-depth philosophical discussion on opinions, attitudes, and scientific wormholes, but I do want to mention a few traps we get into and then help to simplify things for you to actually use and to put into action.

I use this same method with my own perspective on fitness so I hope you can at least see a few things in a different light. If we can just shift our paradigm a bit away from what fitness has evolved into and get back to what it really should be used for then we’ll finally be on the long term road to success.

So how do you learn about fitness?

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Can I Get Real Physique Results After 40?

I’ll get straight to it. You can make real over 40 physique results. At (currently) 45 I am living proof. Let’s go over a few things to consider when designing, or modifying a training program so you can stay or start on the road to progression after 40.

As I always say, the first thing is to adopt the right mindset. From here on out we’ll be talking only in the realm of possibility. No, the goal isn’t to build 50 pounds of muscle or get into 2% body fat type shape. It’s to get a little better each and every day, one small step at a time in our own over 40 world.

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Battle Plans

When I was in the military most of the time was peacetime. During that peacetime we trained, drilled, and prepared for the inevitable deployment or activation. Of course during activations we were high-tempo and used to change, but during the lag times we didn’t lay idle. We were always in prep mode. And this point is the most important.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are weeks or even months from taking action on something significant in your life the “idle” time before shouldn’t be seen as idle at all.

I remember going through chemotherapy for 8 1/2 months. At first I was training in the gym a few days per week, but once the chemo dug in and accumulated in my system I had to forego gym time and simply stay healthy. It was a defining moment. So, how do you use this lag time to your advantage?

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Uncomfortable Progress

A revealing reason why we don’t progress as much as we’d like in most things is our desire for comfort. We seek too much of it all the time. I’m guilty as anyone.

You get in your car on a hot day? You turn on the A/C. Have to get to the second floor? Take the escalator or elevator. Don’t feel like reading the whole article? You’ll just skim it.

The desire for comfort is baked in. It seems to be in our DNA. It’s one of technology’s biggest challenges: To make life easier. Heck we don’t even need to click or flick a switch anymore. We can just ask our voice-enabled devices to do it for us! We’re actually living the dreams of those visionaries years ago.

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Everything is Reps

If you think in simple terms, everything in life is reps. If you want to get better at anything you have to put in the time, the practice, and repeat. You don’t learn a new skill once and then you’re good. You need to put in the work. The reps. The repeated practice to ingrain said skill into your brain.

It doesn’t matter the task. Studying, training, learning a new skill like playing an instrument or developing a technique in sports – whatever it may be. You need reps. The habit of repeated practice.

But, reps may not be enough. Ask yourself: am I practicing correctly? In other words, practice may not make perfect if you’re practicing wrong.

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2 Things to Consider When Hiring a Personal Trainer

I know, I know, not yet another “hiring a personal trainer” article. I’m sure you’ve read many lists, criteria, and must-haves regarding getting professional help in the gym, but I want to highlight two important things I hold near and dear when I train others. Two things that many trainers (not all!) miss.

Of course all the commonsense reasons still hold up that many have written about countless times:

  • Competent skills and experience related to your unique situation
  • Some form of relative formal education and/or accredited certification
  • Personable/likable disposition
  • Distraction free attention to detail
  • Organization as well as flexibility and ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances

I’m sure there are plenty more to list, but you get the idea.

So, let’s get to it. What are the two that I would focus on most when hiring a personal trainer?

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The Perfect Fitness Formula for a Lifetime

No, that title isn’t meant to be click bait. It’s stone cold truth. Even though the perfect fitness formula for a lifetime sounds catchy once you figure it out it’ll make complete sense. Insert sarcasm.

So many fitness businesses, bloggers, and “influencers” are trying hard to sell you the latest and greatest “system” promising unbelievable results. They’re selling formulas. In other words they are broadcasting acute, short-term so-called fixes.

Formulas are great as long as they’re a part of a bigger mindset. A bigger lifelong lifestyle. We need to instead focus most of our attention to fundamentals.

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2 Timeless Principles to Apply to Life

There are two important principles that seem to keep popping there heads up when it comes to intentionally moving forward in life: resiliency and creativity. These two timeless principles to apply to life are cornerstones to many forms of success. They are universal as well as cut out all the “hacks” and other shortcut B.S. out there.

When I look back on all of my hardships I’ve had to apply heavy doses of resilience and, oftentimes, creativity to help circumvent roadblocks and setbacks. There’s no way around challenges sometimes – only through them.

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My Favorite Books on Life Improvement

As an avid reader I’ve always been one to look to reading books for greater knowledge and understanding – especially when it comes to life improvement. Now, I’m a huge believer in action. The willingness to put into practice for better understanding on any subject, but reading still holds a special place in my life. I’ll always be a reader.

Over the last couple of decades what I call “self improvement porn” has flooded the market. Here’s my take: there isn’t really anything new out there. Most of the books on the market are rehashed ideas from years ago. They are timeless principles that have stood the test of time.

With that said, below are a few of my favorite life improvement books. A few are admittedly new-ish while others are classics. After skimming through let me know some of your favorites in the comments…

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How You Should Feel While Dieting

How do you know if a fat loss diet is working? How do you know if you’re just spinning your wheels? Should you stick to your plan or shift gears? Oh the dieting woes. Hard to handle and unpredictable. When I was dieting for bodybuilding contests (sometimes I feel like I was on a diet for 10 years!) I became incredibly in-tune with my body. I knew the difference between needing actual nutrition and just wanting something to eat just to eat. So with many years of getting my body fat in the single digits I’ve come up with a few tactics to be aware of regarding how you should feel while dieting.