Two Hundred and Fifty Plus and a Thank You

I don’t know why this is somewhat of a big deal to me, but this little blog hit over 200 followers with over 50 posts in a little less than ten months. Why a big deal? Well, let me tell ya.

I started this blog as a separate little space for my thoughts and ideas outside of the fitness realm. You see, I’ve had a fitness/health related blog which has evolved over the years from a simple blog, to a business, back to a blog, and now a minimalistic online business card and repository for my freelance work. It’s been my main hub for everything from previous works to a place of contact.

It had gone through so many iterations and transformations replete with online marketing (social media arms and all) and promotion of all my work and my book.

The simple writer’s blog

Even though I was happy with the fitness blog I needed another outlet, something completely separate, to voice some of my non fitness ideas and thoughts. Things that would most-likely make my fitness readers unsubscribe (at least that’s what I imagined in my head).

I made some rules, however, before I started:

  1. This blog would be as simple as possible. No bells and whistles, no Mailchimp subscriber service, and no worries or late nights overthinking design, style, or layout.
  2. I would write what was on my mind with no expectations on views, likes, SEO, or anything else external to my real intentions.
  3. Once something was written, I wouldn’t worry over traffic or other metrics. I would write, post, and move on.

These few rules would allow me to write unabated and uninhibited. I could allow myself to relax, have a few thoughts, and then decide to write about them… or not.

Thank you

So it goes without saying that this little side project, having now over 200 followers, has become a nice surprise. I continue to have the privilege of experiencing some very thoughtful, intelligent, and vocal people read, comment, and follow me on this expedition of sorts.

I want to thank you for being here, thank you for reading, thank you for voicing your thoughts, and thank you for being a part of something that has broadened my perspective of what connection can be without the noise of traditional social media.

Thank you for allowing me to be on your laptop, desktop, or phone–into your home of sorts. It’s been a welcomed and humbling surprise that you’re reading my words.

Stay tuned. Plenty more to come.

4 thoughts on “Two Hundred and Fifty Plus and a Thank You

  1. Keep it simple. That’s also how I kinda started. No rules. No real expectations. Freedom. Flexibility. Just write however whatever whenever. Once words start to flow, then you can channel them in some way if desired.

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    1. Exactly! Since it’s more of a niche and attached to my freelance writing, my other blog is more geared toward scrupulous content. And that’s okay. But here, which you can easily relate to, is more open and, in a weird and welcomed way, random. As always, thanks so much for reading!

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