Reprogram Your Life For Resilience

Anything worth having isn’t easy. This can be directly applied to training practices. Many gym-goers tend to shy away from the difficult exercises, techniques and sequences of training. Instead, they opt for easier movements and take overly indulgent rest periods and off days, and follow poor diet practices. Conversely, there is a backlash toward those who display tenacity. People call those who are dedicated “obsessed,” “addicted,” and “crazy.” But resilience keeps them continuing down their chosen path, doing what is necessary to succeed.

The concept of resilience should be embedded in your training. Drilling down and getting in the weeds of your program is a necessary practice; it lets you configure your training to optimize the mechanics. But resilience refers to the big picture of your efforts; taking a much-needed step back and evaluating important aspects such as purpose, drive and motivation. This need for resilience should inform every action, and guide your training toward your ultimate goal.Without hesitation, you should allow it to support your efforts and be the ever-present thread that is consistently strong as you ebb and flow through your training life.

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