How To Train For A Tactical Physique

The average lifter follows a traditional gym program, which is made up of body part splits that start with chest day every Monday. This style of program was designed with the goal of becoming bigger and stronger in the gym, but little thought in the way of gaining functional strength. What does one do to shift gears and create a plan of action for, well, more action?

A big, rippling set of pecs and highly-peaked biceps are sights to behold, certainly, but what good are they if you’re unable to lift, hold, and haul everyday things? Are you a do-it-yourselfer who wants to build a fence, push a wheelbarrow, or lift bags of mulch or cement? If so, more practical ways to program your training are in order.

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Raise Your Game: Be Your Own Coach

The world of personal fitness professionals, or coaches, seems to be an ever-changing, ever-growing industry, replete with “innovative” methods of training. Many coaches who push these so-called new techniques promise unrealistic results, and stress the importance of dishing out your hard-earned cash. Now, there are good coaches out there—even great ones. But those genuinely helpful experts are tough to come by.

With the army of coaches at your disposal and an industry loosely, if at all, regulated, you may be better off taking matters into your own hands. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and neither do great coaches. What’s more, a great coach isn’t cheap. If you’ve decided that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze for you, let’s look at the steps you should take to be the best coach you can be for yourself.

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6 Signs You’ve Hired The Wrong Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer or coach can be an enormous boost to your physical development.From time to time, everyone needs some help to continue making progress. There are many advantages to working with a good coach, from a fresh set of eyes on your form, to introducing you to new exercises and training techniques, to keeping you accountable. There are some great trainers out there who are worth every penny, and you may have even hired one in the past.

But the problem within the fitness industry is that the gap between great trainers and just plain bad ones seems to be growing. This divide is pitting hard-working coaches who know their stuff, do their homework, and walk the walk, against a horde of self-promoting, social media charlatans who only care about the thickness of your wallet.

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Chase Worthy Goals And Quit Fitness Addiction

No, this isn’t some quirky, witty way of tricking you to read about the benefits of exercise. I’m not promoting some new program that’s “anti-fitness,” or uber-ultra-functional in nature. It’s a call to action regarding your own personal motivations when it comes to fitness.

Having a motivated mindset and adopting the fitness lifestyle is a noble cause. Obesity, metabolic disease, and many other forms of physical disability are growing global epidemics. It’s better to be “into” fitness than the alternative: laying around and practicing laziness to an art form.

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The Best Gym Is Your Own: Build Your Iron Paradise

The home gym is making a comeback. Sure, big-box gyms, 24-hour fitness centers and gigantic health and fitness resorts are popping up as well, but there is a growing resurgence of do-it-yourselfers out there who want (and possibly need) to go their own way.

Long ago, these so-called mavericks would have to put on their thinking caps and find inventive and creative ways to facilitate at-home workouts that went beyond push ups and sit ups. Haphazardly constructed racks, rigs and weights were cobbled together in order to perform the basics of weight training. Fast-forward a few years (or maybe even decades), and now we have myriad companies offering at-home training solutions delivered straight to your door within a few days.

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Reprogram Your Life For Resilience

Anything worth having isn’t easy. This can be directly applied to training practices. Many gym-goers tend to shy away from the difficult exercises, techniques and sequences of training. Instead, they opt for easier movements and take overly indulgent rest periods and off days, and follow poor diet practices. Conversely, there is a backlash toward those who display tenacity. People call those who are dedicated “obsessed,” “addicted,” and “crazy.” But resilience keeps them continuing down their chosen path, doing what is necessary to succeed.

The concept of resilience should be embedded in your training. Drilling down and getting in the weeds of your program is a necessary practice; it lets you configure your training to optimize the mechanics. But resilience refers to the big picture of your efforts; taking a much-needed step back and evaluating important aspects such as purpose, drive and motivation. This need for resilience should inform every action, and guide your training toward your ultimate goal.Without hesitation, you should allow it to support your efforts and be the ever-present thread that is consistently strong as you ebb and flow through your training life.

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Cultivate Resilience For Breakthrough Training

Programming is a fickle beast. With the seemingly endless onslaught of trending, latest and greatest pop-culture programs promising unbelievable results in less and less time, it’s no surprise if you find yourself more confused, frustrated, and lost than ever before. This is never more evident than in the realm of bodybuilding or aesthetic-style training.

Strength, performance, and “real-world,” practical training has gained a ton of steam over recent years. But bodybuilding-style training, which involves reshaping and building musculature, is still at the top of many people’s priority list. Additionally, with mainstream media having a stranglehold on this industry, not to mention “dictating” training and programming, it’s no wonder truck loads of money has been made but few results ever follow.

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Training Through A Disaster

On Saturday, August 13th 2016, I found myself sitting with my family in a boat. This wasn’t a vacation pleasure cruise. We had just been rescued from our neighborhood due to the rising flood waters in southeast Louisiana. At that point, my fitness and my second home, the gym, were the furthest things from my mind; the well-being and safety of my family were all that mattered.

My fitness, particularly weight training and healthy eating, are normally significant parts of my lifestyle and day-to-day routine. But they were temporarily erased from my priority list within seconds. It wasn’t a sober, conscious decision; an unstoppable force allowed me no choice but to succumb to what needed to be done. Luxuries and comforts like daily workouts and carefully planned meals shifted to absolute choices regarding basic human needs.

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How To Train For Everything At Once

Modern-day trainees have more information, equipment, and assistance at their disposal than ever before. There’s been a renaissance of knowledge about the myriad training modes, methods, and styles. This has led to a melding of functional methods, including Olympic lifting, pure strength training, functional movements, power, and hypertrophy.

In turn, this pits the individual against an unforeseen challenge. With all of these variables to choose from and the desire to “do everything,” it’s no surprise frustration sets in when it comes to scheduling. You probably tend to gravitate toward your strengths, due to your limited time. You promise yourself to get to those other variables later on down the road.

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Size, Strength, Or Power? A Training Method Primer

What is your ultimate goal: to gain size, strength, or power? Do your workouts reflect that goal? Or do you train blindly without any rhyme or reason?

There are proven methods for developing each of these three qualities. Training like an Olympic lifter won’t maximize the size of your muscles. Conversely, training like a bodybuilder won’t maximize your strength. Common threads weave through each training protocol, and understanding their similarities, differences, and how they relate to one another will make you better equipped to reach your goal.

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